sid cooke dolls houses news

Maple Street are proud to announce we have purchased the Sid Cooke brand which produces a superb range of high quality Dolls House Kits, specialising in unusual Victorian and Edwardian designs.

The kits used to be made from Birch Ply but this often led to problems with warping so now, in common with nearly every other Dolls House manufacturer, we use high quality MDF which allows much more accurate cutting as well as providing a more stable surface for decoration.

At the moment we are producing the kits available on our site but we are rolling out all the remaining buildings in the range as fast as possible until we have the whole Sid Cooke range in stock - call us on 01223 207025 and we will try to give you an idea of when they may be available.


Please click on the banner below to access the Maple Street Site and take a look at these incredible Dolls House Kits!